About Me

So a little bit about me.. I am a Scottish girl living in London. A recent London College of Fashion Journalism graduate with PR experience within the most prestigious beauty brands around the world.

I love all things beauty, and will squeal with excitement at the launch of a new MAC lip colour...but also go completely weak at the knees for any kind of dog (and am known to say hello to most four-legged cuties to pass me by). 

I have started my own online magazine for teenage girls (or those young at heart) over at www.barefacedmag.co.uk .

Barefaced is currently looking for contributers so get in touch if you write, draw, photograph - whatever! Just email barefaced.mag@gmail.com

Thank you so much for reading my blog - it's been a slow progress mainly due to me being insanely busy straight after graduating, but a steady progress none the less.  I hope you like what I post about - just little things that interest me and catch my eye. If there is anything you think I should be in the know about please don't hesitate to get in touch, or even just to say 'hi'.