Friday, 9 August 2013

Newsworthy x 3

Sometimes there's so much excitement around a new product that you don't know whether it genuinely is an amazing new find, or if everyone's just jumped on the bandwagon thanks to clever marketing. I have to say, I purchased all three of these products purely on the buzz that surrounded them, but I am here to tell you all the wonderful news that they are worth the hype!

John Frieda | Full Repair Touch-up Flyaway Tamer | £10.99

Remember hair mascara?! Sadly, I do. Though the new John Frieda Flyaway Tamer may look similar, it is luckily nothing like that dreadful 90s trend of painting a selection of your hair a ghastly colour in the name of cool.

This magic wand actually makes your hair LOOK BETTER. It's a nifty little handbag-sized hero with such a straightforward concept (smooth flyaways quickly and effectively) you may think "Isn't it just a serum in expensive new packaging?" Well yes...and no.

Like with a serum those annoying, unsightly split ends and frizzy post-rain hairs are smoothed away.  

However its weightless, gel-like consistency and wand applicator mean you easily and evenly distribute the product only where needed and run no risk whatsoever in grease ball-ing - especially if you don't have a mirror on hand to see what you're doing.

During the cold months of winter I'm all about slathering my self in luxurious body butters and keeping my skin as soft as the blankets I'm wrapped up in. 
Come summer it's a different story. Who can really be bothered? Especially in this heat, the mere thought of applying thick creams is making me feel hot and sticky. 

This was a purchase almost entirely influenced by the hype surrounded by it, mixed partly with the fact it was on offer in Boots. Jump out an ice cold shower and spray the light yet deeply moisturising lotion all over your body. It feels like I'm misting myself with water. Skin smoothing, deliciously cocoa-butter scented water.

Nivea | In-Shower Body Moisturiser | £2.36

And so this next product makes the previous product, which I loved, sort of obsolete.

The clever folks at Nivea understand the dilemma I have now dubbed CBAM (Can't Be Arsed Moisturising).

It's pretty much a conditioner for the skin. Use after washing, massage into the skin a little and rinse off. This stuff really works though and out of my chosen 'hype worthy' mix is the cheapest too!

You can get dressed right away as the result is instantly moisturised skin in a flash, that lasts all day thanks to the deeply conditioning almond oil.

Do you ever buy a product purely to see what all the fuss is about?