Friday, 5 July 2013

Lusting after bling: Katie Lees Jewellery

I was browsing in a pop-up shop in Glasgow's Flat 0/1 when I first spotted Katie Lees' unique designs. Like a magpie I was instantly drawn to her range of statement rings - some simple, some so intricately detailed and structured - to be worn alone or stacked high up to your knuckles. The lusting began. 

Katie is a designer whose unique style is defined by the perhaps incongruous concept of creating finely crafted jewellery, of silver and semi-precious stones, from the heavy industrial aesthetic of the shipbuilding history that has moulded her home city of Glasgow.

From her studio on the Isle of Arran, these evocative forms are translated by hand into finely crafted jewellery - another reason to add to the list of why I love Arran (others including the whisky and the soaps...). Her unique style lends itself well to bold statement pieces as well as smaller, more subtle forms.

Although Katie's designs do seem very fashion forward, I actually think they are really timeless pieces which will look good regardless of the current statement jewellery trend. A Katie Lee piece is something I would treasure as a special gift, something to mark an occasion or something to really treat myself to and love forever. The items aren't cheap, but that just reflects the quality and the one-of-a-kind designs - something you don't get from a high-street range.

If you have fallen for the collection as much as I have but can't catch a ferry to Arran then fear not! All of Katie's collection is available online at

My pick of rings from the website:

'Crank' ring gold vermeil | Katie Lees Jewellery | £188

'Gauge' ring III |Katie Lees Jewellery | £124

'Warp" ring gold vermeil | Katie Lees Jewellery | £138

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