Monday, 17 June 2013

West End musings


Sometimes if you are so obsessed with a certain situation, (for me it's work, work and more work - always looking to the future and the next big thing) you often forget to relish the moment you are in right this very second. I am always striving to do better, move forwards, get there faster. I frequently need to remind myself to live in the present and just enjoy the ride.

So yesterday I took a break and went out with a friend to rediscover the West End of Glasgow. It really is my favourite part of town - it reminds me of a mini, slightly dishevelled Covent Garden. The cute coffee shops, independent boutiques, cobbled streets, the busker shouting "awright hen gies a smile!" - ok no, that's just Glasgow...

I found a new favourite hang-out: Avenue G's coffee bar - who serve Monmouth of London's coffee! I literally died and went to heaven with my extra large, soya latte delight. The waiter almost definitely thought I had a screw loose when he caught sight of me as I kept smelling my drink (nothing beats the smell of decent coffee). So with a slight caffeine-induced high we took to the botanic gardens and even though grey skies were looming, people were out in their shorts and queuing up at the organic ice-cream van. Each time an elusive ray of sunshine peeked through the clouds it felt like a dreamy summer's day.

The final picture I have posted may seem completely unrelated, but is in fact a huge contributor to the day's success - a brand spanking new pair of the bluest of blue jeans from my all time favourite, Whistles. (Blog post dedicated entirely to said trousers will follow shortly). I am slightly in love with them.

My lesson for today is basically this: when you really look at your present surroundings and appreciate them, it makes the journey to wherever you are headed seem all the better. It just helps when good coffee and shopping are involved, of course.

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