Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Take three: hot pink

A pop of colour can make a look, so what would three times the recommended dose do? I usually wouldn't co-ordinate make-up colours, as matchy-matchy can look naff.  However, I am currently a little bit obsessed with all things hot pink - to the point of thinking "the more magenta the merrier" in terms of the colour on my face.

Tread carefully though - too much pink can make you look like a slightly deranged barbie doll. My top three hot pinks (to be worn alone or all at once) are a fail proof way of adding a smack of colour with ease.

Enter Clinique Chubby Stick in Pudgey Peony - a hot, hot pink with slight purple undertones. As it is in the form of a beloved Chubby Stick, it applies like a dream. Conditioning the lips whilst adding a dollop of bright colour with no need for lip liner or brush - who knew being on trend could be so simple?

Next on the face is something I was a little wary to try. Smashbox is one of many brands I have recently seen who have a bright, garish looking blush in their repertoire. In the past anything so attention-grabbing would have made me run a mile, but why would they sell something that would make you look like you applied your face in the dark? This point proves correct after trying this almost neon pink blush in Radiance (it is brighter in real life than the picture shows) -  and the results being a subtle flush with a modern twist. Just make sure you apply lightly with a fluffy blusher brush to avoid any streaks.

If there's one way to safely try out colour, it's on your nails. This Bobbi Brown pot of loveliness in Pink Valentine is what first got me hooked on hot pink. It requires two coats, but lasts for ages without chipping. Matching lips and nails? I'm converted... and I'm not the only one (Miranda Kerr and designers at LFW to name but a few)!

The overall look of pink on pink on pink is a very modern take on the often avoided colour and by keeping the rest of the pallet neutral, it is just on the right side of 'girly'.

Get the look with: 
True Match Foundation in Ivory | L'oreal | £9.99
Radiance Blusher | Smashbox | £19
Chubby Stick in Pudgey Peony | Clinique | £16
Eye Bright pencil | Benefit | £15
Lash Extend Mascara | Model Co | £28 (or FREE in this months Glamour mag)
Nail polish in Pink Valentine | Bobbi Brown | £11

How do you wear your hot pink? And what do you think of matching lips and nails (and blush!)?


  1. The chubby stick looks gorgeous on you, suits your skintone really well :)

    Daisie Petals