Sunday, 2 June 2013

Scents of S/S

My usual scent of choice lies somewhere between La Prairie's Silver Rain, Carolina Herrera's VIP and Dior's Poison... anything with those deep, violet notes that conjure up hazy, heady, feelings of sexiness. 

Come spring/summer though (yes, it's June now) wearing a perfume this heavy whilst skipping through fields of barley in your white, laser-cut summer dress is just silly. Enter my top three S/S scents for those who don't usually do the 'fruity, fresh' thing. And not a pina-colada-on-the-beach inspired bottle in sight.

I adore the majority of all Jo Malone scents. However this one, to me, is completely addictive. This citrus cologne, infused with a healthy dose of fresh cut limes and juicy mandarin has all the foundations of a fresh and zesty summer fragrance, but the peppery basil and aromatic white thyme brings an unexpected twist and really grounds the fragrance to keep it just on the right side of fruity.

Lime, Basil and Mandarine | Jo Malone London
£39 | 30ml

sparkling take on the original and delicious Chance. Just as sweet, but a little more cheeky and as the name suggests, fresh. Not as most 'summer edition' fragrances which just seem like the same perfume only watered down, this is a stand alone scent which lasts all day and is just heavy enough to be worn out in the evenings too.

Chance Eau Fraiche | Chanel 
£52 | 50ml

To me, this is what basking in the sunshine, making daisy-chains and contentment would smell like if it were bottled. While daisies themselves have no scent, Daisy does a pretty good job of evoking a sunny, breezy meadow of random flowers and is really feminine without being overtly sexy. Very easy to wear, not dissimilar to everything else by Marc Jacobs. And the bottle is far too cute.

Daisy | Marc Jacobs

£45 | 50ml  

What are your favourite summertime fragrances?

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