Thursday, 13 June 2013

Fast foot fixes

It's easy to get a little bit lazy when it comes to your feet, especially during the winter months when I'm ashamed to say mine do get a bit neglected.  Most of us don't have the time or money to indulge in regular pedicures, but still want pretty toes to flaunt come summer. Enter my top products that keep feet beautiful 24/7, 365 days a year - without the hassle or price-tag.

1. The holy grail of foot creams, Aveda Foot Relief is a miracle worker. The ingredients in this herbal formula are natural exfoliants so work away even the toughest of dead skin cells WHILE YOU SLEEP. My kind of product. No need for pumice stones or any of that lark - just slather on this quickly absorbed, deliciously tingly mint and lavender scented cream each night and awake to baby-soft feet.
Foot Relief | Aveda | £18 | 125ml

2. The Body Shop Cooling Foot Spray instantly refreshes and revives tired feet with cooling peppermint, that also combats odour. Keeps feet fresh at the office and offers a nice quick-fix pick-me-up if you've been running in heels all day.
Cooling Foot Spray | The Body Shop | £6 |100ml

3. Nails are a biggie to keep your feet looking preened. Cut them regularly in a straight line and dab on some Andrea Fulerton Cute-icles-love-oil to nourish. Finally, to keep your toes looking 'done' use a bright and fun colour such as a Revlon on-trend coral or a Nails Inc pop of turquoise.
Cute-icles-love-oil | Andrea Fulerton | £ 4.99 
Nail polish in Haymarket | Nails Inc  | £ 11
Nail polish in One Perfect Coral 990 | Revlon |  £ 6.49

Flip-flop ready feet without the expensive pedi? Done.

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