Friday, 31 May 2013

hello, again

Isn't it funny how much can change in a year?

One of my last posts was about my looking forward to spending last summer with my now ex-boyfriend. I had just graduated from LCF and was on the manic hunt for a first step onto the career ladder. The death of my dog, the break-up and the end of university threw things like writing my blog onto the back seat.

Well, that was then.

I have just completed the most amazing year-long internship, working as a PR and Communications assistant with one of the most prestigious beauty companies in the world. I am now on the look-out for my next role, but feel I have grown in so many ways since university that I know my perfect position is just around the corner.

Over the past few months I have collected an insane amount of amazing beauty products and top pro-tips which I am itching to share with you. I now have the time and the motivation to re-start LYLOTS and have decided to carry on just where I left off instead of starting a whole new blog as I still, surprisingly, get an incredible number of views each month. 

So, thank you to my readers for sitting tight and giving continuos support even during the LYLOTS' dry-spell.

This, as life has done, will be changing too.