Wednesday, 25 April 2012


1. yellow belle dress, 2. huge lavender candle, 3. m&s pasta, 4. I dyed shortay's purple tips, 
5. models own, 6. Starbucks, 7. disco nailz, 8. Tate modern, 9. Kusama exhibit, 
10. The diner food coma, 11. blonde tips, 12. make-up, 13. sephora goodies, 
14. my babe being a gangsta, 15. me.

Love You Lots ♥

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Models Own Pink Fizz!

How could I NOT stop by here, when seeing the new Models Own amazing shop in Wesfield!
In the shape of a huuge Models Own polish spilling out onto the floor, shoppers can delight in the most amazing array of all their nail poslishes on offer. I chose this one, Pink Fizz:

Pink Fizz, £5,  is a gorgeous glitzy slightly pink/purple/nude toned varnish made completely up of specks of glitter - the camera has problems picking this up and so the pics don't really do it justice. You need two coats to get the full-on effect and a clear top coat as after a day it kind of peeled off in bits so when I re-applied with a topcoat it has lasted perfectly! I can't comment yet on how easy it is to take off, as I just repainted the chipped bits, but I will update - I know a lot of glitter polishes are a nightmare to get off!

I've since had so many compliments wearing this and although it is total glitz, it's actually totally acceptable for day wear and I kind of never want to wear any other nail varnish ever again (I know). I've had a taste of pink fizz and am in love.

Love You Lots ♥

Monday, 23 April 2012

todays face

Laura Mercier Oil Free foundation
Rimmel liquid eyeliner
Urban Decay Naked Pallette eyeshadows
Benefit They're Real mascara
MAC Skinfinish powder
Benefit eyebrow duo
Elf blusher in #d21
Chapstick lipbalm

and my new jumper from River Island giving me springtime vibes on this dullll day.

Love You Lots ♥

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Biore review!

Today was my first day back at uni for my last term before graduating gaaaaah and it was stress stress stress. And trying to write articles and sort out web designs is also stress stress stress. So I'm tired. I'm actually writing this post to keep myself awake until an acceptable time to go to sleep comes around. Is 9pm ok to go to bed?

I wanted to review this face wash for ages and I feel like I should make some sort of pun about how AWAKE my skin is after using this, but I'll save that for another time.

Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub is great. It's for spot prone skin, containts salicylic acid, is oil free and is non-comedogenic which you might have guessed is my new favourite thing in the world -I even know how spell it now without googling wooo!

It's gentle enough to use daily and I use it morning and evening, I take my make-up off first either with a Simple wipe or Liz Earls Hot Cloth Cleanser and then use the scrub and it hasn't dried out my skin at all, unlike some anti-blemish specific washes. I think this one is so good because it is specifically for adult skin. Teenage skin usually needs more 'cleaning' than adult skin which needs gentle care and anti-inflamitory ingredients instead.

The gentle beads also help exfoliate the skin and remove all excess oil without over-drying. I apply either a Simple moisturiser or Steam Cream after use and have found a drastic reduction in break-outs.

After using many products to try to help my skin, I have come to the conclusion that to be gentle to your skin is better than attacking it with lots of harsh products. I usually only use natural products, Simple, and now Biore.

Love You Lots ♥

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Barefaced Magazine

As mentioned briefly in my 'About Me' section I am setting up my very own online magazine for teenage girls. It's gonna be fresh, irreverent, honest, and totally relevant for todays teens. I have had some AMAZINGLY talented bloggers already approach me to share their creativity to help make the site even better, and if you want to be a contributor too send an e-mail my way! 

It is set to launch end of May and to spread the word I have set up a Twitter and Facebook page. It would be such amazing support if you could 'follow' and 'like' these! Thank you :)

Love You Lots ♥

Monday, 16 April 2012

gold and stripes

1. Today I just got organised for uni starting back on Wednesday...only one month left eeeks! I'm still just trying to keep myself busy and distracted to help deal with the grief I'm experiencing with my loss of my pup. 

2. I looked in my local Boots for Revlon lip butters and L'Oreal Rouge Caresse and both are completely sold out bar a few not-so-nice colours...I know I'm way late on this bandwagon but after reading so many posi reviews I'm now desperate for them haha!

3. I can't figure out the lighting with my camera so I look even more pale than I normally am in my pics! My outfit is pretty much all Urban Outfitters from a year ago - navy striped top over a dark denim playsuit and black tights cos it may be sunnyyyyy but it's still freezy! The chunky bracelet is vintage and my cousins -she left if here so I'm keeping it warm for her ;) and the necklace with the cute birds was a gift.

4. My make-up here - Chanel Lipstick in Marilyn, Mac mineralize powder, Benefit They're Real mascara and Rimmel liquid eye-liner. 

5. I'll keep playing around with the camera settings for my next post, would you like me to do some OOTD's?

Love You Lots ♥

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Steam Cream

My skin has recently been in need of some TLC. It's been misbehaving due to stress and lack of sleep and nutrition. Sometimes you get so frustrated with your skin you go to your nearest Boots and buy each and every product which claims to help, but this tough approach can actually just aggravate your skin even more! So I thought instead of using hundreds of lotions and potions to sort it out, I'd take a softer approach and calm it down by using gentle and natural products.

I received my Steam Cream in a goodie bag at a press event a little while ago and was always too scared to use it as it contains OILS (dun dun duuuunnn) but it's the biggest myth ever that oils = oily skin. In fact the opposite is true.

The ingredients are all natural and infused with a 'shot of steam': Orange flower water to help combat sebum production, Oatmeal infusion to even out the skin tone, Cocoa butter which is super moisturising and anti-ageing and glycerine to hold all the ingredients together and draw them deeper into the skins surface. And as for the oils, there's lavender which calms and revives, chamomile blue essential which is naturally antiseptic and brightens the skin, rose absolute to keep skin soft and supple, neroli essential which helps with the skins elasticity, and now for my absolute FAVOURITE OIL OF ALL jojoba oil, an emollient which stops moisture escaping and it is also reaaally good for spot prone skin as it dissolves sebum and is naturally non-comedogenic so won't clog your pores!


It smells mainly of lavender, oatmeal and just really fresh in my opinion - I actually have had compliments from people saying how yummy I smelt just after using it. The fact Steam Cream comes in such cute (reusable!) tins with unique designs also make it a treat to use.

I have applied this every evening after my cleanse for nearly a week now, and sometimes in the mornings too if my skin is particularly dry and so far the results are great - I haven't had any breakouts and my skin feels softer and more supple already. I think this is a new skincare hero of mine.

Love You Lots ♥

Thursday, 12 April 2012


My last post outlined how unwell my little baby Bella has been recently, and on Monday night she had suffered enough and had to be let to go to sleep. I can't even write out the words I am feeling right now - in shock mainly as she was my little girl for 11 wonderful years. All I know is that she is sleeping tightly and in peace.

I wanted to thank you all for the words of support from my last post, I am so grateful for that. I will try to keep blogging as it provides great distraction and purpose, but if that isn't for a while please bear with me. I am going back down to London at the weekend so will no doubt be super busy from the minute I step off the train sorting out internships for over the summer and my big project too. I've had a lot of interest already just from my little shout-out on my 'about me' page which I am so excited for.

Thank you all again, and thank you to all my new followers - what a sad time to start reading my blog.. I will be on form soon again, I promise. It was just last weekend I was photographing products to write about and little Bella was so interested she nearly got her nose into one of the creams, so no doubt she is just as keen for me to keep the blog going.

Love You Lots ♥

Monday, 9 April 2012


The past week has been hard.  I don't want this post to be a downer as I don't really think the net is the place to broadcast your entire life on. But I have been looking after my 11 year old puppy Bella who has recently developed a nasal tumour which causes her nosebleeds, no appetite, and to be very sick by myself while my mum is in New York.

To try and keep myself posi and able to look after my pup, I have been looking for ways to relax at home. I'm still on my spending ban which is just a nightmare as all I want is to buy a million Lush bath-bombs and other yummy treats, but I'm being inventive and using scented oils and lots and lots of candles which has been just as effective!

Here are some of the best tips I find create a relaxing state of mind, which hopefully can come in useful to anyone in a bit of need of looking after themselves just as I am right now.

Give yourself a home mini manicure - I find painting my nails therapeutic and pretty nails make me feel a bit more 'together'.        

Watching a funny film can cheer you up, as can reading a good book - I love nothing more than getting lost in the world of fiction and reading for hours without realising the time.  
A bath can literally wash away the hardest of days. Teamed with candles and aromatherapy oils, I close my eyes and am far, faaaar away.                                        

Music - I like to listen to chilled out music but nothing too sad as music can affect the mood maaassively - whilst drinking some herbal tea for added bliss. Or listen to it REALLY LOUD and sing along on the top of your voice to let it all out.

Treat yourself to a home facialRed magazine have Liz Earls Hot Cloth Cleanser as a freebie just now, which I've read so many amazing blogger reviews on.

Surround yourself with scented candlesSmells have such an effect on the mind, I love calming lavender or vanillas.

If you are in the mood for company, often nothing can cheer you up more than time with friends. If you are not able to see anyone then even a phone call can make you smile. I've had so much support from my friends calling and my best friend came round to get me out of the house even for a couple of hours while my sister took over puppy-sitting duties and it really cheered me up. He took me bowling which was such fun and took my mind off everything! This kind of ties in with my final suggestion too...

Exercise. It's a tip I read again and again in magazines and it works, so even just a walk can give you the little boost you need and a fresh perspective on things (endorphins are good etc etc!) but unfortunately my little babe is too weak for walkies now so I'll sign off with a pic of us chillin out <3

Do you have anything to add to my little list of easy pick-me-ups?

Love You Lots ♥

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Citizen Meets

Usually work meetings conjure up images of boring boardrooms and just massive yawns basically. That's why I always love finding little places that actually inspire and create an environment you want to work in and not want to run from. 

Today I had a meeting with my graphic designer and what better place to talk design than in Glasgow's Citizen M hotel. The bar is open to the public and there are rooms which can be booked for special events, such as the Social Media Blogger event I blogged about.  

The website shows their amazing rooms which I'd loveeee to stay in one time, they look even more uber-stylish than the rest of the place! Ok, enough appreciating decor - back to work!

Love You Lots ♥

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

What I wore..

Whenever I'm in Glasgow I grab my girl Fiona from over at Sisters don't Share and hit town for some catch-ups, cocktails and dancing! As Fee beat me to it and blogged about our latest adventure first (you can read her hilarious account of last Friday night here,) I'll stay true to form and fill you in on what I wore as I got snap happy in the girls' loos haha...

I am IN LOVE with this little white lace number currently at H&M. They have it in a black and a beige too I think, but the white version looked by far the prettiest. It has 3/4 length sleeves which is perfect for Spring as it isn't time to bear too much skin just yet! It has such a sixties feel to it and it just fits beautifully - a definite thumbs up to H&M for their S/S 12 items - I spied so many lovely things there recently. It's also extremely versatile as you can dress it up or down - I wore it here in the sunshine -and toughened it up a bit as seen above with a leather jacket from Topshop and a leather fringe bag from last season. Teamed with a pair of black opaques and wedges my outfit was complete.

Earlier that day I got a sample of Chanel's newest foundation and immediately was converted - a review of this amazing foundation will be coming up super soon - as it gave my skin a flawless finish and lasted the whole night! 

Naked 2 and me still aren't getting along too well, so whilst at Fee's I jumped at the chance to use (my long lost love) her original Naked palette - creep and gunmetal to be precise for a smokey eye and TopShops Crystal lipstick, which got deeper in colour as the night went on, possibly due to the heat in the club!

Do you have any recent favourites like my lace dress that you just can't stop wearing day or night?

 Love You Lots ♥

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Miss Selfridge Designed By..

OMG! Miss Selfridge has upped its game dramatically with their Designed By Miss Selfridge collection. These amazing graphic prints are bang on trend for summer and I love how they've toughened them up a bit with black and leather mixed with the fabulously girly pastel colours.

Leather Bodice Dress £90
Butterfly Maxi £85
Bird Print shirt £50
Printed Playsuit £40 

Do you like their newest offerings? I lurrrve them all but do think they are quite pricey, and would want to check out the quality of the items. What's your thoughts?

Love You Lots ♥

Monday, 2 April 2012

days on the farm

White lace dress - H&M
Denim cut off jacket - Moto @ Topshop
Lolita polkadot luvheart sunnies - Topshop

As the grey clouds spread across the sky again and I pretend that the weather reporter did not just utter the word 'snow', I’m looking back at photos taken only a few days ago in the, what felt like, summer-time sunshine in March!

My boyfriend and his famz live out on a beautiful farm in the countryside which I love and which is the perfect place to spend lazy sunny days. We chilled with the animals and then went a drive! I so can't wait for the real summer to spend all my time like this!

How did you spend the days of sunshine?

Love You Lots ♥