Thursday, 29 March 2012

Coconut Oil for hair

If you read my last product review, you will know that I'm on the search for alternative hair oil treatments. If you read my last update post you will also know I'm on a spending ban, which makes things a bit tricky.

Just my luck then that my DOG should be in possession of exactly what I was after.

I'll explain. My little black lab Bella sometimes gets a dry nose and my mama found that a little bit of coconut oil on it works a treat and my doggy loves it apparently haha. All strangeness aside, my mum has decanted some of the stuff into a separate tub for my pup and the rest has been in the cupboard without me knowing so I thought I'd give it a try right away.

Well it's solid edible coconut in a jar, which turns into an oil as it heats in your palms. Mine is from here at Holland and Barrat's for £14.99 for a huuuge tub but there's also others online like this one. I think it would pay to shop around as I've heard you can get some for like a fiver in some health shops, I just happened to have this one at home. Anyway, I applied it like a hair mask and let it do it's thang overnight - here are my findings.

It smells so yummy - like you're in the Caribbean drinking Malibus!
It is super conditioning and easy to use
It's cheap
The immediate results are on a paar with other hair oils I've tried from salons.
It's natural
You can use any leftovers on your hands as hand, nail and cuticle moisturiser or body moisturiser (not face!)
You can eat it, (and apparently the health benefits are huge so will try this too)

Cons: Like any oil I suppose, if you use too much your hair feels greasy
When using at night it's hard to keep off the face and as its VERY comedogenic it means it will clog pores which equals spots :(
It's a bit of an effort that you have to apply before washing your hair for the best results, and sometimes I'd rather just run some oil through after washing as it's time saving.
I haven't used this very long, so not sure if the long term results actually give healthier hair.

Weighing these facts up I have found that it's best to use once a week (or twice if you have time), slather it on at least an hour before washing your hair (if your having a lazy day at home this is perfect) and tie it up and out the way of your face. I did try this treatment overnight like I read on some reviews to do, but I woke up with some spots exactly where my hair falls when I sleep. So it's best to use in the daytime. Then you just rinse it out and shampoo and condition as normal. I've also found that, just like any other hair oil, you can use a tiny bit after blowdrying just to tame any flyaways and really make your hair glossy and smooth.

Do you use hair oils? How do you find it best to use them?

Love You Lots ♥

Monday, 26 March 2012

Update and eBay Party!

1. The weather has been so so nice! I have mainly just been chilling in the sunshine, though on Saturday night me and my friend Carleee (yes, 3 eee's) had a little movie night and watched Midnight in Paris to get us even more excited about our upcoming trip with Fiona!

2. I'm writing this and scheduling it for tomorrow (today?), but currently I'm waiting on my BF for a little midnight adventure involving fastfood, milkshakes and a drive somewhere!

4. Since I am super skint atm I am on a spending ban (i.e don't have any money TO spend) so I've been using products I've stashed in the back of my drawer and wearing clothes which I thought I hated but have made new outfits using them and now love! Here's an example of some last years shorts in action last week. I'm going to get my camera tomorrow so will take some better snaps and not webcam ones!

3. Re: the above,  I've just had a little eBay party and put some of my clothes up...if you fancy a little look heres the link!

My eBay listings link<3

Love you Lots ♥

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Kerastase Elixir Ultime

I need to come clean about this post - this product isn't mine but my mama's. Yup I am home for the Easter holz and have already raided her beauty stash - forgive me mum. But this stuff really is irresistible and I bet you'd all do the same given the chance..

Kerastase is such a great brand and in my opinion do the best hair treatments, hands down. In London I usually use Moroccan Oil and as much as I like it, it is a bit too heavy for me (I need to try the lighter version!). But this elixir is slightly more gel/oil than just oil and so doesn't feel like it could make the hair greasy at all. It is composed of four oils: Maize, Argan, Camelia and Pracaxi oils.Of course you only use a tiny bit, on wet hair, focusing on the ends and the tiniest amount ever over dry hair. It also is dispensed by pump, which I know the larger bottles of Moroccan oil are but mine is just a mini bottle and so ALOT would come out when dispensing it. I can't really compare the overall effect of Kerastase Elixir V Moroccan Oil because both leave my hair looking and feeling amazingly soft, shiny and healthy and strong. But both don't come cheap unfortunately. I can find Kerastase online from between £25 and £45(!!) for 125ml, but your local salon should stock it too. Same for Moroccan oil, online is roughly £30 for 125ml.

I love using this as it smelt amazing, left my hair feeling super healthy and not weighed down and can also be used post-drying as a finishing touch. I don't think I'd splash out on it myself though at the moment due to the price tag- I think it's something I'd ask for at Christmas or so or as a very special treat. I was looking to try Coconut oil for my hair which I have heard is very good and also very cheap? I'll try and find some and do a little comparative review next time!

Love You Lots ♥

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Spring has sprung!

I love how in the UK the minute there's a teeny ray of sunshine everyones out in their shorts haha ( I don't like it so much that builders also deem this an acceptable time to go topless though - really?!)

First spot of sunshine I threw on my silk Zara top, pastel pink shorts (from last year) and the essential Ray Bans! My Michael Kors watch is a staple on my wrist rain or shine, as it is a gift from my boyfriend and so is not only the most beautiful item I own, it's also the most special. Oh and I didn't bare all and went for black tights with my biker boots, cos you never know when the clouds will reappear...

Versatile Blogger Award!!

Awwww, I have just been awarded with the Versatile Blog Award by the lovely Natasha-Carly of Pretty Little Lives.. Check out her blog if you haven't already :) Thank you so much for choosing me for this award!

Here are the rules:

-Thank the person that nominated you with a link back!
-Tell 7 things about you!
-Pass this on to 10 newly discovered blogs and let them know they received the award!

7 things about me:

1) I've been strict vegetarian for over 15 years (i also don't like milk).
2) I can speak German fluently.
3) I have an unhealthy obsession with wanting to try new beauty products ALL THE TIME.
4) I'm slowly getting my hair back to blonde but am always wanting to change it - i.e the fringe!
5) I have an 11 year old bunny rabbit.
6) I try to read a new book almost every week.
7) My favourite perfume is Chanel Chance.

10 blogs I give the award to:

Fiona of Sister Don't Share
Diana of Coco Rox
Hannah of Titch Likes
Gillan of elevatormusik
Jennifer of Inordinatelyplush
Hannah of Palindrome poppet
Chanti of Chanti Woolner
Victoria of Birdcage Beauty
Zoe Amelia of Amelia's Allsorts

Go and check these beauties out x.

Love You Lots ♥

Monday, 19 March 2012

Per-fekt eyes

Per-fekt is an amazing range. I remember last summer was all about the Per-fekt body shimmer which was apparently loved by Blake Lively as it smoothed the legs and slimmed and tanned them all in one (though Blake's pins are pretty amazing anyway so idk if that's true) but here is another offering of their range - the eye perfecting gel in Refreshed*.

I do like this stuff. It's almost like a primer but just for UNDER your eyes. I use Benefits The Porefessional as my base and don't like that going anywhere near my eyes, because I imagine it'd not be very moisturising for that delicate skin area. I also use Soap and Glory's eye cream - read review here- so I'm not sure if this gel is really super necessary, but I'll tell you about it anyway.

So the texture is AMAZING. So so smooth, it's like a gel but softer, almost a gel-mousse and if you have tried the Porefessional then it actually not too dissimilar in texture. You apply it direct to the eye area instead of your usual cream using the metal applicator which is very cooling and then dab it in. It really refreshes the eyes and wakes you up instantly due to the cucumber extract and other antioxidants in it.  It is tinted which is lovely as it brightens dark under-eyes -though any heavier bags would still need concealer after, and actually it gives such a lovely base for your concealer to then glide over and not stick in any fine lines.

Though this product costs £39 which is very expensive, you do only use a teeny tiny amount so I can imagine it would last forever. I'm using mine very sparingly and not every day either - only when my eyes need an extra special pick me up :)

Love You Lots ♥

*This product was given to me c/o Perfekt but all opinions stated in this review are my own.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Crystal Lips by Topshop

I love Topshop's new make-up design, it's so pretty, and this lipstick is beautiful! The glitter pigments in Topshop Crystal Lips act like mini crystal balls telling the lippy how to adapt to your own pH balance, which gives a personalised and individual sexy sparkle. Mine turned out a lovely sheer pink to wear day or night.

Topshop Crystal Lips in Crystal, £9

Love You Lots ♥

Saturday, 17 March 2012

litto update

 1&2. love coming home to post and presents!
 3. well deserved pizza express after 12 hr study day
 4. Dove assume I have frizzy hair haha?
 5. pink shirt and lemon nails
 6. fountains!
 7&8. my boy spoilt me to a hotel getaway date!

Love You Lots ♥

Friday, 16 March 2012

Jurlique spa day!

At this moment in time things are looking better than ever before.

My dissertation is done and dusted and handed in, never to be thought of again! I'm looking forward to going home to see my friends, famz and my boy over Easter aaaaand I'm just back from the most relaxing full body massage ever. 

My girlies spoilt me for my birthday and got me this indulgence at the Chiswick Health and Wellness Spa in West London. Walking in you can already sense the relaxation you are about to experience. The spa itself is like a little oasis you would never expect to find just above Chiswick High road. All the products used are Jurlique and you can choose which blend of aromatherapy oils you want for your massage - after the last few weeks I've had at uni, I chose the relaxation blend which smelt AMAZIN. An hour later all my stress was kneaded and rubbed out of me and the spa even has a relaxation floor where you can slowly recuperate with some herbal tea, comfy chairs, music and magazines, so I chilled for a bit before stepping back outside into the real world again!  Heavenly. I didn't ask how much my indulgence was worth as it was a pressie, but I'm seriously going to look into doing little things like this more often if I can if work ever gets on top of me again, as I felt like a total new person afterwards!

Have you ever had a full-body massage? Do you indulge in little spa treats now and again - any I should know about? 

Love You Lots ♥

Sunday, 11 March 2012

sunday funday

I thought I'd post a quick update as things have been crazy busy. Well.. my dissertation is due on Tuesday and I have been housebound it seems for the last few weeks with my head in books. So when the sun showed itself today me and my flatbabe Hannah decided to take a well deserved break and hit our local down the road. What followed was a couple of shandy's, the Sunday Times Style, and some much needed gossip catch up! Ok so now I'm a bit tipsy and must try to attempt to finish this section on feminism. HMPH!

Love You Lots ♥

Saturday, 10 March 2012


I am literally lusting after every single item at motel rocks. These are my favourite of faves which I will be coveting all S/S 12!

Rita playsuit £48

Goldie Bodycon in Silver £48

Laurel Red Tartan Shirt £28.50

Jessica Feather Playsuit £52

Love You Lots ♥

Friday, 9 March 2012

my top three, for two

Girls, get yourselves down to Boots asap with their 3 for 2 offer on you can grab some serious bargains!

I went for these 3 Soap and Glory goodies as I was after an eye-gel and had heard a few good things about Super Eyes. Then when I saw the offer I HAD to pick up to more buys, it would be rude not to.

I went for Fab Pore which has had rave blogger reviews which hopefully I'll want to add to and Youthful Serum because I'm still too undecided whether I want to splash the serious cash on Estee Lauders Advanced repair serum, so thought as it's on offer I'll give this one a try... I'll let you know soon how I get on with these products. 

1. My Soap and Glory mini haul
2. Super Eyes eye gel
3. Fab Pore pore refining scrub/mask
4. Make yourself Youthful face serum

Do you sometimes just buy because something's on offer? It's such a bad habit of mine!

Love You Lots ♥

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

food glorious food part 2

As round 384659 for my seemingly never ending birthday celebrations me and my flatbabes went to Carnaby Burger Co. which funnily enough is situated on the ever lovely Carnaby Street. This place had so much choice for just being a 'burger place' it had plenty veggie options for me as well as cocktails all round (the strawberry mojito there is amaze). There is a nightclub literally behind it, which we got into for free to have a look and it was pretty horrific so we went to the Jazz bar just down the road on Kingly Street which was sooo much fun! Anyway here's more food snaps:

1. Carnaby Burger Co
2. My gorgeous girlies
3. My gorgeous foodies and possibly the best chips I've ever had
4. Me and my surprise birthday cake!

Love You Lots ♥

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

MAC Naturally Collection

So I got these MAC goodies a few weeks back when they were just released and wanted to test them out before reviewing, but they have become so much of an everyday staple in my make-up routine I almost forgot that they were new and needed blogging about! They already feel like old faithfuls.

Here's the lowdown.

MAC Mineral Skin Finish in Redhead. I'm naturally a blonde with dyed dark brown hair, but actually liked Redhead best out of the available shades as it seemed the most natural for my pale skin and as Blonde seemed a bit too pink for me. If you ever tried and loved Bobbi Browns shimmer bricks then this is fairly similar as it boasts varying depths of tones which work as highlighters/blush/bronzer all in one, meaning only one application and you have naturally glowing skin.

MAC lipstick in Perfect Day has now replaced my Myth. I know, it's mental, but true. It has more colour to it - it basically is a REAL nude lippy and what all nude lippies should be, not like some which are basically just like smearing foundation over your mouth and camouflaging it with the rest of your face. Anyway this lipstick is very well pigmented as are most MAC Amplified lipsticks but if you slick a bit over lipbalm it creates such a gorgeous not too overly made up look. Perfectly natural!

Love You Lots ♥

Monday, 5 March 2012

food glorious food part 1

Over the last week or so I have been spoiled with the most amazing food in the most amazing restaurants so I just had to share a few! I'll start with when I was in Glasgow for me and my boyfriends' birthday (we have the same bday!) where we and his lovely famz went to Spuntinis in the West End on Byers Road. It's like an Italian La Tasca in the sense that you order little tapas dishes and so can therefor enjoy a bit of everything - gone is the pizza or pasta, pizza or pasta dilemma for good. Also it is such good food, whereas sometimes I'm left disappointed after La Tasca's (do they make things in the microwave? maybe?) you can see them ovenbake the pizzas and just taste the yummy fresh ingredients! Here's some pictures while I try to control my drooling.

1. selection of foods we had - cute lil mini pizza!
2. don't quite know what this non-veggie looking option is but it still looks good haha and desert time <3
4. sweet pizza with nuttella, mascarpone and bananas! nom. hiya food baby.

Love you Lots

Friday, 2 March 2012

a little suhn suhn pictures since yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day in London town. I was headed to the dreary library and thought instead of getting the even drearier tube to Oxford street I'd walk it from Covent Garden, through Piccadilly and down Regent Street where Jade Thompson, Britain and Irelands Next Top Model winner strolled past me. Gorgeous.

1&2. Laduree for macaroons just like in Paris!
3&4. The Easter egg hunt in London is on appaz haha
5&6. My tired feet at Piccadilly
7&8. Liberty is my favourite inside and out

Lots of Love