Thursday, 23 February 2012

It's my birthday!

eeeks! I havnt posted in a few days because I'm up in Scotland celebrating my birthday with my boyfriend, family and friends ♥

I will have plenty to post about soon as I'm having such a wonderful time with all my favourite people!

Love you Lots x

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Review: Naked Palette 2

Ok, I know by now every blogger worth their salt has written about Naked 2, but I didn't feel I could review it straight away as I needed to see how wearable it is etc before committing to an opinion on it.

I never had the original palette, though I used Fiona's whenever I had a chance to before a night out or so and I admit I loved it. When I heard about the Naked 2 I ordered it immediately and was far too excited!

This was about 3 weeks ago, and I need to be honest, I haven't really used it all at. I'm not disappointed in it as I do think the colours are really beautiful but they are just too sparkly and too much for everyday wear. I tried a smokey eye for a night out using some blackoutpistol and verve, but it wasn't really wow or anything and I usually prefer brown tones anyway and those particular ones are more grey/black.

In the daytime I have tried foxy, which really is just a base shadow I feel, and bootycall with tease as a darker accent as these are the most wearable colours and the least sparkly. Saying that, half-baked and chopper are lovely for me too but they're nothing new and I have had almost exact same colours in previous Rimmel and Topshop eyeshadow palettes, which are both a lot cheaper and not much less quality.

first 6 colours:

first six swatches:

second six colours:

second six swatches:

The quality of the shadows is fair, though I wish they had included their primer instead of a lipgloss in the set as there is some fall-out when applying. All in all I love Urban Decay as a brand in general, and this palette does offer a great range of neutral/smokey/brown tones but I have since reverted back to my MAC painpot for every day wear, which is a shame as I had such high hopes for this.

Did you too purchase this as soon as you saw it? Does it live up to your expectations?

Love You Lots

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Happy Valentines day to all you gorgey bloggers ♥

I will be spending my V-day with fellow blogger / flatmate / bestie Diana as my boyfriend sadly lives in Scotland and I won't see him today, apart from a skype date of course. To be honest we don't really do Valentines anyway as everybody knows it's basically a huge marketing campaign - but who doesn't like receiving cards or flowers, on any day of the year ;)

Whether you're in a relationship or not it's always fun to take care of yourself so while all the couples are out getting their 241 meals in crowded restaurants, I suggest spoiling yourself! woop! Here's some of my valentines themed (suitable for every other day of the week also) faves.

5&6. OPI Nicki Minaj Nail polishes
* all images taken from their corresponding sites

Love You Lots ♥

Monday, 13 February 2012

sunday stroll

Yesterday was about me and Diana catching up with our old flatmate Henny. She has moved back into halls this year and things sound as crazy as ever! After catching up on all the gossip over lunch, we hit Covent Garden for a walk about the shops. I made us all pop into Cyber Candy, which is the ultimate all american sweet super-store. I LOVE IT! After looking at enough candy to send us into a sugar-enduced coma we went some vintage shopping at Rockit (best ever) and some window shopping in Mulberry and Kurt Geiger, where I fell head over heels *ahem* in love with a pair of nude heels.

But when we reached American Apparel, we were faced with a dilemma. To disco pant or not to disco pant.

I must admit I have admired these from a far and even up close they are beaaaautiful! but £70.. really? I can't decide. Have you given into the temptation of the disco pants? How did you find the sizing guides as they only come in S, M, and L?

Anyway here's some snaps of the day ♥

1. Cyber Candy in Covent Garden
2&3. Henny with giant gum ball machine&said gum ball machine
4. Cobbled streets on London
5. Mulberry heaven
6.Vintage heaven
7&8 studs & rings at Rockit
9&10 outside and inside Rockit
11&12 nude shoes and pretty pastels at KG!

Love You Lots

Friday, 10 February 2012

wee update

This is just a super quick update post to prove I'm still alive and haven't frozen to death as London is once again graced by snow- yuck!

I've been busy busy with uni and meetings with my web designer for my up-coming project which I am SO EXCITED ABOUT! but more on that as and when..

I really wanted to post a review tonight as I have got a few lined up already but as it's been so hectic I'm going to tease you with a picture of a sneak peak of what I'm currently testing for review for my upcoming post on MACs new naturally collection range .. ♥

Love You Lots ♥

Monday, 6 February 2012

Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation

Laura Mercier's foundation makes using foundation a treat. It's consistency is pure quality, as is the scent and the finish. Oil free formulas are great for build-able coverage that lasts. And this one in particular can be blended easily into a flawless natural finish. As some oil free foundations can be drying, this one feels light on the skin and not drying at all. It covers most blemishes and I have found it will last at least 8 hrs. I like that you don't have to cover your whole face in this to get an even look as it blends so well that I can just apply where needed and dust a bit of powder over my face to set. 

I actually think this foundation is summed up quite well in it's own words as:

"A layerable, highly pigmented formula to be used only where needed, that allows the user to determine the amount of coverage. The foundation can be applied very sheerly or layered for more coverage."

I use Blush Ivory as I am quite (very) pale and just top it up with some bronzer. The colour Porcelain Ivory was a tad too pinkish in tone and this one is more yellow based which just suits me better.

here are my swatches:




#1.straight out the pump it is a lovely consistency which also smells really nice.
#2. The colour doesn't exactly match my arm but as you can see in
#3. it blends in flawlessly when using fingertips

I'd suggest this for anyone who loves Estee Lauders Double Wear but finds it can dry too quickly in order to blend into a natural finish. It isn't as heavy as the double wear either, but I think still gives ample coverage. On sale in most department stores and online at £33.

Love You Lots ♥

Thursday, 2 February 2012

day to day look

So here are my daily make-up faves!
They are my go to picks when I'm in a rush and not able to go through my entire stash of products to find say a lipstick (especially the MAC ones where you need to open each one just to see which colour it is), so I have this little box handy with everything I could ever need day to day.

 here's the contents:

Benefit Mascara, They're Real
MAC Bronzer in Golden
MAC Mineralize Powder
Estee Lauder retractable eye-brow pencil
Benefit Dandelion Brightening Powder
MAC lipstick in Hue
Estee Lauder Double-wear liquid concealer
Laura Mercier Oil Free foundation
Topshop Cheeks highlighter in Ray
17 Photo Flawless primer
Givenchy Activist Wake Up Skin
Rimmel liquid eyeliner
Elf blush in Tickled Pink
MAC powder puff
Benefit Dual sharpener

I don't use all these products every day but they seem like the basics I would want to hand just in case.
I will do some reviews for these products because they are all my total must haves.
Do you too keep your every day make-up separate from your other stash?