Monday, 2 July 2012

DIY nails!

Nail art is BIG at the moment and so far I haven't seen anyone do it better than DIY Nails. I featured the gorgeous Tammy who runs it in an interview for Barefaced and then promptly purchased myself a set which I am now reppin'!

You order your chosen design online and get the 'nail mail' sent straight to your home. What a cute parcel to receive! The designs are really unique, but there is definitely something for everyone on the site. And if you have a specific design in mind, Tammy will do it for you as a special unique set!

I went for this green and sparkly gradient set, £8. You get the nails, glue, and emery board in the set and it's pretty straightforward from there..

My final nails! I didn't file them down at all as I'm loving super long Lana Del Rey length nails at the moment. Are you loving falsies too?

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