Friday, 15 June 2012

hey cupcake

It had been ages since I'd last stepped into Lush. I really like their products as a treat - and I think their anti-animal testing ethos is great - but it isn't a usual place I shop in as they are quite expensive.

However when I got off the bus at Regent Street and smelled that familiar smell of soapy, floral-y, yummy-ness it was my nose that guided me back to the shop of all things bath-time-treats.

I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a browser - I go into shops without needing anything, just to 'look' and this was no exception. After getting a sniff of their newest bath-bomb delights, massage bars (a fave of mine) and new skin-tint bars, I was drawn down the stairs to the lower level where they have a sort of fresh face station set up going on. Intrigued by all the fresh ingredients that sounded good enough to eat, a sales girl explained to me that these face-masks are in fact more nourishing to your skin than your insides. She recommended 'Cupcake' for me - a vegan chocolate face mask that looks and smells like the sugary treat, to keep your skin clear and mattified. Sold. (at £5.75).

Later that evening, me and my flatmate had a bit of a pamper night with facials and movies -  the horror film Catacombs was our somewhat debatable choice of viewing... Hannah and I shared the face-mask as it comes in an ample size pot (which is kept fresh in the fridge) and because we both have a bit of stressed-skin going on.  Applying it felt a bit wierd I must admit - the texture is a little, erm, lumpy and what with the colour of it...well you get the idea.

Hannah's verdict was that the overall result was satisfactory - her skin felt smooth and supple and she didn't even have to moisturise after!  My skin clearly thought different as it felt incredibly dry and tight, even after applying a thick layer of moisturiser afterwards - and the next day I had flaky dry bits around my cheek area. I think I will use the rest of the mask I have left on my t-zone only, and avoid my cheek area as it was just too drying. I'll also only leave it on for the minimum 5 minutes.

Have you tried any Lush products for your face? How did you get on?

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