Tuesday, 22 May 2012

moving pictures, silent films

You probably know by now that an OOTD is a rare sight here on LYLOTS! And that's mainly because:
1. I have been too busy with uni work most days to even get out of my pj's 
2. I havn't had a proper chance to sort out the settings on my cam
3. I never ever think my outfits are worthy of a whole post dedicated to them!

But summer is on it's way so I'm going to be wearing some cute dresses, like this one today, which I would like to share :) This stripy skater dress is my ultimate day dress. It is from this amazing website www.my987wardrobe.com where the price starts from as cheap as £9.87!!! I kindly recieved my dress as a gift from the PR lady last year when we featured it in a magazine and I still wear it all the time. 

skater dress: mywardrobe987.com
white blazer: H&M
gold chain: Topshop

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