Friday, 4 May 2012

Kerastase Resistance range review

As you can see from my recent pics, my hair is at inbetween stages of colour, with kind of non-descript brown/reddish/mousey tones running through. I have written a hair history post before, which you can read here. So now you're all clued in, you can imagine how much care my poor poor hair needs. I now go for a trim every 6 weeks (even though I want to grow it, my hairdresser INSISTS on cutting it, for my own good) and use super replenishing products that will help nourish and rebuild my hair.

Enter the Keratase Resistance rage!

This set is available from most good salons, and it contains one full size conditioner and two free complimentary items. These are the matching shampoo and leave-in cream (which I am currently loving so much!)

The shampoo and conditioner are great, they feel nourishing but light enough for daily use. But the hero here is the heat activated re-constructor milk. You apply it before blow-drying to smooth over and protect ends from any heat damage - and it is actually re-activated by heat! So the more styling you do, the more protected you are. Again the consistency of this is great too, it doesn't weigh your hair down at all, but still works its magic with only a tiny bit used.

So now I am slowly going blonde again (it's usually at this inbetween stage where I give in and reach for the brown dye!) but I am going to persevere and go lighter, just do it slowly and take good care of my hair this time!

What are your favourite products to use to help protect and nourish your hair?

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  1. ooh I use the Ciment Thermique and I love it :) makes my ends so much nicer ! xoxo

  2. nice review :) i need to start taking better care of my hair! x