Thursday, 31 May 2012

beam of light

This post puts 3 products with similar qualities to the test. The result? They're all good but only one proves worthy of a gold medal! Here are my top 3 illuminating face primers.

The contestants are: 
♥ Girl Meets Pearl by Benefit, £24.50 for 12ml
♥ Strobe Cream by MAC, £21.50 for 50ml
♥ Acti'mine by Givenchy, £24 for 30ml

L-R: Benfit, MAC, Givenchy

First up, consistency.

♥ Girl Meets Pearl's is lovely and light and doesn't feel at all heavy or 'shiny' on the skin. It is a little too translucent however.
♥ Strobe Cream is a little thicker and is definitely more of a 'cream', saying that though it isn't heavy on the skin either.
♥ Acti'mine is the thickest of them all and does require a little more 'rubbing in' than the others. However it actually gives the nicest base out of them all.

L-R: Benefit, MAC, Givenchy

Secondly, colour. 

♥ Benefit has perfected the pearlescent sheen and the colour is that of slightly pink-ish champagne deliciousness.
♥ MAC's goes on a sheer white colour but blends in effortlessly leaving nothing but a glow with barely any colour at all.
♥ Givenchy's is a peachy pink offering, which lifts and illuminates any tired or dull skin.

L-R: Benefit, MAC, Givenchy

Thirdly scent.

♥ Girl Meets Pearl wins this one personally, as the smell is that of sweet raspberries and yumminess!
♥ MAC's smells like most MAC products, I can't really describe it, but it's definitely fresh, simple and  and nice.
♥ Givenchy's smells mostly like make-up and kind of like a foundation would smell, but I like it!

L-R: Benefit, MAC, Givenchy

Finally, the finish!

♥ As you can see in the pictures Girl Meets Pearl's is the most translucent out of the lot. I'd not advise this as an under foundation primer simply because most foundations would cover it's pretty effect, but more of a highlighter over make-up on the cheek-bones for instance.
♥ MAC strobe cream gives a lovely finish both under and over make-up.  It is a subtle yet effective luminising product.
♥ My favourite finish however is Givenchy's Acti'mine. It makes such a difference under make-up but is actually effective enough that foundation isn't even required with this on! As you can see it gives the most 'coverage' but really has  a natural finish.

Any added extras?

♥ Girl Meets Pearl contains moisturising sesame seed oil and skin-soothing raspberry, chamomile, and sweet almond seed extract to improve skin firmness and smoothness.
♥ Strobe Cream is super-charged with botanicals which de-stress the skin and moisturise.
♥ Acti'mine has an SPF of 15. Avaiable in 6 shades and packed FULL to the brim with nutrients, so much so it is described as 'breakfast for your skin'.

And the winner is....!
While I do like all of these illuminating primers, I have to say that Givenchy's Acti'mine wins for me. It has a beautiful finish, a lovely scent, and is the most effective out the lot. It really covers my skin, making blemishes and any lines appears softer and gives skin a dewy, "awake" look whilst nourishing it - and on a good day can really be worn alone and not just as a base.

Have you tried any of these? Do you agree with my overall winner?

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