Sunday, 15 April 2012

Steam Cream

My skin has recently been in need of some TLC. It's been misbehaving due to stress and lack of sleep and nutrition. Sometimes you get so frustrated with your skin you go to your nearest Boots and buy each and every product which claims to help, but this tough approach can actually just aggravate your skin even more! So I thought instead of using hundreds of lotions and potions to sort it out, I'd take a softer approach and calm it down by using gentle and natural products.

I received my Steam Cream in a goodie bag at a press event a little while ago and was always too scared to use it as it contains OILS (dun dun duuuunnn) but it's the biggest myth ever that oils = oily skin. In fact the opposite is true.

The ingredients are all natural and infused with a 'shot of steam': Orange flower water to help combat sebum production, Oatmeal infusion to even out the skin tone, Cocoa butter which is super moisturising and anti-ageing and glycerine to hold all the ingredients together and draw them deeper into the skins surface. And as for the oils, there's lavender which calms and revives, chamomile blue essential which is naturally antiseptic and brightens the skin, rose absolute to keep skin soft and supple, neroli essential which helps with the skins elasticity, and now for my absolute FAVOURITE OIL OF ALL jojoba oil, an emollient which stops moisture escaping and it is also reaaally good for spot prone skin as it dissolves sebum and is naturally non-comedogenic so won't clog your pores!


It smells mainly of lavender, oatmeal and just really fresh in my opinion - I actually have had compliments from people saying how yummy I smelt just after using it. The fact Steam Cream comes in such cute (reusable!) tins with unique designs also make it a treat to use.

I have applied this every evening after my cleanse for nearly a week now, and sometimes in the mornings too if my skin is particularly dry and so far the results are great - I haven't had any breakouts and my skin feels softer and more supple already. I think this is a new skincare hero of mine.

Love You Lots ♥


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    I use steam cream too and was about to do a review of it shortly too...I love it. Whenever I think my skin is not so great and bit dry, I definitely reach for it!


    1. its great isnt it! thanks for the comment, i just checked out your blog too <3 xx

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  4. That stuff sounds amazing! I could definitely do with some! Do you know where I could get hold of some?

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