Monday, 9 April 2012


The past week has been hard.  I don't want this post to be a downer as I don't really think the net is the place to broadcast your entire life on. But I have been looking after my 11 year old puppy Bella who has recently developed a nasal tumour which causes her nosebleeds, no appetite, and to be very sick by myself while my mum is in New York.

To try and keep myself posi and able to look after my pup, I have been looking for ways to relax at home. I'm still on my spending ban which is just a nightmare as all I want is to buy a million Lush bath-bombs and other yummy treats, but I'm being inventive and using scented oils and lots and lots of candles which has been just as effective!

Here are some of the best tips I find create a relaxing state of mind, which hopefully can come in useful to anyone in a bit of need of looking after themselves just as I am right now.

Give yourself a home mini manicure - I find painting my nails therapeutic and pretty nails make me feel a bit more 'together'.        

Watching a funny film can cheer you up, as can reading a good book - I love nothing more than getting lost in the world of fiction and reading for hours without realising the time.  
A bath can literally wash away the hardest of days. Teamed with candles and aromatherapy oils, I close my eyes and am far, faaaar away.                                        

Music - I like to listen to chilled out music but nothing too sad as music can affect the mood maaassively - whilst drinking some herbal tea for added bliss. Or listen to it REALLY LOUD and sing along on the top of your voice to let it all out.

Treat yourself to a home facialRed magazine have Liz Earls Hot Cloth Cleanser as a freebie just now, which I've read so many amazing blogger reviews on.

Surround yourself with scented candlesSmells have such an effect on the mind, I love calming lavender or vanillas.

If you are in the mood for company, often nothing can cheer you up more than time with friends. If you are not able to see anyone then even a phone call can make you smile. I've had so much support from my friends calling and my best friend came round to get me out of the house even for a couple of hours while my sister took over puppy-sitting duties and it really cheered me up. He took me bowling which was such fun and took my mind off everything! This kind of ties in with my final suggestion too...

Exercise. It's a tip I read again and again in magazines and it works, so even just a walk can give you the little boost you need and a fresh perspective on things (endorphins are good etc etc!) but unfortunately my little babe is too weak for walkies now so I'll sign off with a pic of us chillin out <3

Do you have anything to add to my little list of easy pick-me-ups?

Love You Lots ♥


  1. I love this little list, nothing makes me feel better than sitting in the bath and reading (and don't forget fatty foods!) Hope you're okay, if anything happened to my dog I'd be devastated :( x

  2. oh... i hope you and your little puppy will feel better soon. :/
    but I think you did a great job to take your mind off these bad things.
    i heard also a lot of good things about the liz earle cleansers. :'D
    i really have to buy one >.<'

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

    1. thank you! I will do a review once i give it a good try :) xx

  3. Hi Claire, thanks for reading my blog - loved this post and sending some get well vibes to poor Bella. Must be very distressing. She looks gorgeous.

    I agree about the exercise thing - I think that sometimes we put it off thinking it has to be a one hour spin class when we're not in the mood, but walking outdoors is fab and lifts my spirits every time. x

    1. thank you so much, its so hard :( but im trying to keep positive and yes walking really is the best x

  4. I hope Bella gets well soon, she is so beautiful. When my doggies are sick I want to spend every moment with them, but you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others so stay strong!

    P.S. I tagged you on my blog :)

  5. This post is so lovely, I hope your pup feels better soon hun! You have the nicest cup with your tea by the way! Sam xx

    1. thank you - it was a present but i know you can get it from urban outfitters x