Monday, 26 March 2012

Update and eBay Party!

1. The weather has been so so nice! I have mainly just been chilling in the sunshine, though on Saturday night me and my friend Carleee (yes, 3 eee's) had a little movie night and watched Midnight in Paris to get us even more excited about our upcoming trip with Fiona!

2. I'm writing this and scheduling it for tomorrow (today?), but currently I'm waiting on my BF for a little midnight adventure involving fastfood, milkshakes and a drive somewhere!

4. Since I am super skint atm I am on a spending ban (i.e don't have any money TO spend) so I've been using products I've stashed in the back of my drawer and wearing clothes which I thought I hated but have made new outfits using them and now love! Here's an example of some last years shorts in action last week. I'm going to get my camera tomorrow so will take some better snaps and not webcam ones!

3. Re: the above,  I've just had a little eBay party and put some of my clothes up...if you fancy a little look heres the link!

My eBay listings link<3

Love you Lots ♥


  1. love your blog dear :)

  2. I'm also on a spending ban; its so hard. Love the idea of finding old, unwanted clothes and making them look good again! :) Lovely blog xo

  3. amazing blog, absolutely love it! x