Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Spring has sprung!

I love how in the UK the minute there's a teeny ray of sunshine everyones out in their shorts haha ( I don't like it so much that builders also deem this an acceptable time to go topless though - really?!)

First spot of sunshine I threw on my silk Zara top, pastel pink shorts (from last year) and the essential Ray Bans! My Michael Kors watch is a staple on my wrist rain or shine, as it is a gift from my boyfriend and so is not only the most beautiful item I own, it's also the most special. Oh and I didn't bare all and went for black tights with my biker boots, cos you never know when the clouds will reappear...


  1. Yay for sunglasses in March! Lovely outfit :)x

  2. You're just too cute! Such a adorable photo! LOVE the sunglasses!

  3. i love your style! girly boho-ish, loveliness. :]

  4. I just said the exact same thing about topless men! No need!

    Katie x