Monday, 19 March 2012

Per-fekt eyes

Per-fekt is an amazing range. I remember last summer was all about the Per-fekt body shimmer which was apparently loved by Blake Lively as it smoothed the legs and slimmed and tanned them all in one (though Blake's pins are pretty amazing anyway so idk if that's true) but here is another offering of their range - the eye perfecting gel in Refreshed*.

I do like this stuff. It's almost like a primer but just for UNDER your eyes. I use Benefits The Porefessional as my base and don't like that going anywhere near my eyes, because I imagine it'd not be very moisturising for that delicate skin area. I also use Soap and Glory's eye cream - read review here- so I'm not sure if this gel is really super necessary, but I'll tell you about it anyway.

So the texture is AMAZING. So so smooth, it's like a gel but softer, almost a gel-mousse and if you have tried the Porefessional then it actually not too dissimilar in texture. You apply it direct to the eye area instead of your usual cream using the metal applicator which is very cooling and then dab it in. It really refreshes the eyes and wakes you up instantly due to the cucumber extract and other antioxidants in it.  It is tinted which is lovely as it brightens dark under-eyes -though any heavier bags would still need concealer after, and actually it gives such a lovely base for your concealer to then glide over and not stick in any fine lines.

Though this product costs £39 which is very expensive, you do only use a teeny tiny amount so I can imagine it would last forever. I'm using mine very sparingly and not every day either - only when my eyes need an extra special pick me up :)

Love You Lots ♥

*This product was given to me c/o Perfekt but all opinions stated in this review are my own.


  1. Ooh this sounds great, I would love to try it! x

  2. sounds great but is a little pricey

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  4. Cool! I don't have much bags or puffiness under my eyes - though I got horribly dark circles - but still love a good treat for that area that I'm kind of considering getting this to give it a try…
    And thanks for following me, just followed back. Your blog is super nice and neat, haha, you pretty much just earn a loyal reader. Tehehe.

    fusels.blogspot x

    1. of you do try it let me know how you like it :) aww thank you so much!! thats so sweet :) xx