Tuesday, 6 March 2012

MAC Naturally Collection

So I got these MAC goodies a few weeks back when they were just released and wanted to test them out before reviewing, but they have become so much of an everyday staple in my make-up routine I almost forgot that they were new and needed blogging about! They already feel like old faithfuls.

Here's the lowdown.

MAC Mineral Skin Finish in Redhead. I'm naturally a blonde with dyed dark brown hair, but actually liked Redhead best out of the available shades as it seemed the most natural for my pale skin and as Blonde seemed a bit too pink for me. If you ever tried and loved Bobbi Browns shimmer bricks then this is fairly similar as it boasts varying depths of tones which work as highlighters/blush/bronzer all in one, meaning only one application and you have naturally glowing skin.

MAC lipstick in Perfect Day has now replaced my Myth. I know, it's mental, but true. It has more colour to it - it basically is a REAL nude lippy and what all nude lippies should be, not like some which are basically just like smearing foundation over your mouth and camouflaging it with the rest of your face. Anyway this lipstick is very well pigmented as are most MAC Amplified lipsticks but if you slick a bit over lipbalm it creates such a gorgeous not too overly made up look. Perfectly natural!

Love You Lots ♥