Friday, 16 March 2012

Jurlique spa day!

At this moment in time things are looking better than ever before.

My dissertation is done and dusted and handed in, never to be thought of again! I'm looking forward to going home to see my friends, famz and my boy over Easter aaaaand I'm just back from the most relaxing full body massage ever. 

My girlies spoilt me for my birthday and got me this indulgence at the Chiswick Health and Wellness Spa in West London. Walking in you can already sense the relaxation you are about to experience. The spa itself is like a little oasis you would never expect to find just above Chiswick High road. All the products used are Jurlique and you can choose which blend of aromatherapy oils you want for your massage - after the last few weeks I've had at uni, I chose the relaxation blend which smelt AMAZIN. An hour later all my stress was kneaded and rubbed out of me and the spa even has a relaxation floor where you can slowly recuperate with some herbal tea, comfy chairs, music and magazines, so I chilled for a bit before stepping back outside into the real world again!  Heavenly. I didn't ask how much my indulgence was worth as it was a pressie, but I'm seriously going to look into doing little things like this more often if I can if work ever gets on top of me again, as I felt like a total new person afterwards!

Have you ever had a full-body massage? Do you indulge in little spa treats now and again - any I should know about? 

Love You Lots ♥


  1. I could do with going to the Jurlique Spa, deadlines are stressing me out!

    1. awww you should book yourself a treat and work towards it - it really helps! xx

  2. Great post! I love it :)

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