Monday, 5 March 2012

food glorious food part 1

Over the last week or so I have been spoiled with the most amazing food in the most amazing restaurants so I just had to share a few! I'll start with when I was in Glasgow for me and my boyfriends' birthday (we have the same bday!) where we and his lovely famz went to Spuntinis in the West End on Byers Road. It's like an Italian La Tasca in the sense that you order little tapas dishes and so can therefor enjoy a bit of everything - gone is the pizza or pasta, pizza or pasta dilemma for good. Also it is such good food, whereas sometimes I'm left disappointed after La Tasca's (do they make things in the microwave? maybe?) you can see them ovenbake the pizzas and just taste the yummy fresh ingredients! Here's some pictures while I try to control my drooling.

1. selection of foods we had - cute lil mini pizza!
2. don't quite know what this non-veggie looking option is but it still looks good haha and desert time <3
4. sweet pizza with nuttella, mascarpone and bananas! nom. hiya food baby.

Love you Lots


  1. This is torture! I'm starving right now and would kill for that nutella pizza YUUUUM!!!

    1. gahh i know i want some now too! haha x