Thursday, 29 March 2012

Coconut Oil for hair

If you read my last product review, you will know that I'm on the search for alternative hair oil treatments. If you read my last update post you will also know I'm on a spending ban, which makes things a bit tricky.

Just my luck then that my DOG should be in possession of exactly what I was after.

I'll explain. My little black lab Bella sometimes gets a dry nose and my mama found that a little bit of coconut oil on it works a treat and my doggy loves it apparently haha. All strangeness aside, my mum has decanted some of the stuff into a separate tub for my pup and the rest has been in the cupboard without me knowing so I thought I'd give it a try right away.

Well it's solid edible coconut in a jar, which turns into an oil as it heats in your palms. Mine is from here at Holland and Barrat's for £14.99 for a huuuge tub but there's also others online like this one. I think it would pay to shop around as I've heard you can get some for like a fiver in some health shops, I just happened to have this one at home. Anyway, I applied it like a hair mask and let it do it's thang overnight - here are my findings.

It smells so yummy - like you're in the Caribbean drinking Malibus!
It is super conditioning and easy to use
It's cheap
The immediate results are on a paar with other hair oils I've tried from salons.
It's natural
You can use any leftovers on your hands as hand, nail and cuticle moisturiser or body moisturiser (not face!)
You can eat it, (and apparently the health benefits are huge so will try this too)

Cons: Like any oil I suppose, if you use too much your hair feels greasy
When using at night it's hard to keep off the face and as its VERY comedogenic it means it will clog pores which equals spots :(
It's a bit of an effort that you have to apply before washing your hair for the best results, and sometimes I'd rather just run some oil through after washing as it's time saving.
I haven't used this very long, so not sure if the long term results actually give healthier hair.

Weighing these facts up I have found that it's best to use once a week (or twice if you have time), slather it on at least an hour before washing your hair (if your having a lazy day at home this is perfect) and tie it up and out the way of your face. I did try this treatment overnight like I read on some reviews to do, but I woke up with some spots exactly where my hair falls when I sleep. So it's best to use in the daytime. Then you just rinse it out and shampoo and condition as normal. I've also found that, just like any other hair oil, you can use a tiny bit after blowdrying just to tame any flyaways and really make your hair glossy and smooth.

Do you use hair oils? How do you find it best to use them?

Love You Lots ♥


  1. I love coconut products! I think they work wonders!
    +1 follower say hi back sometime? xxxx

  2. Coconut oil is awesome! Possibly my favourite oil...I am aware of how weird that sounds :) x

  3. Interested to hear if this works long term X

  4. I have been using Moroccan oil but it is sooo expensive! This looks pretty good, I like that it's cheap and bet it smells lovely! Great post! You must let me know how it works for you in the long run, Following! xxx

    1. i know, same here! the smell is so yummy :) i will do! and now following back <3

  5. I have really been wanting to try coconut oil on my hair, I really think it would help improve its quality - its pretty dry right now =(

    The Urban Umbrella