Friday, 10 February 2012

wee update

This is just a super quick update post to prove I'm still alive and haven't frozen to death as London is once again graced by snow- yuck!

I've been busy busy with uni and meetings with my web designer for my up-coming project which I am SO EXCITED ABOUT! but more on that as and when..

I really wanted to post a review tonight as I have got a few lined up already but as it's been so hectic I'm going to tease you with a picture of a sneak peak of what I'm currently testing for review for my upcoming post on MACs new naturally collection range .. ♥

Love You Lots ♥


  1. Oh, I think I love that;)
    Looking very awesome;D

  2. nice blog, I love Mac!!!
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  3. I am a little bit in love with MAC.

    We also have very similar taste is makeup!

    I am following. Care to follow back? Take a peak at my blog

    1. ooh we do? must check yr blog out and see! <3 x

  4. I love this, your blog is so useful for beauty products. MAC are great!
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