Monday, 13 February 2012

sunday stroll

Yesterday was about me and Diana catching up with our old flatmate Henny. She has moved back into halls this year and things sound as crazy as ever! After catching up on all the gossip over lunch, we hit Covent Garden for a walk about the shops. I made us all pop into Cyber Candy, which is the ultimate all american sweet super-store. I LOVE IT! After looking at enough candy to send us into a sugar-enduced coma we went some vintage shopping at Rockit (best ever) and some window shopping in Mulberry and Kurt Geiger, where I fell head over heels *ahem* in love with a pair of nude heels.

But when we reached American Apparel, we were faced with a dilemma. To disco pant or not to disco pant.

I must admit I have admired these from a far and even up close they are beaaaautiful! but £70.. really? I can't decide. Have you given into the temptation of the disco pants? How did you find the sizing guides as they only come in S, M, and L?

Anyway here's some snaps of the day ♥

1. Cyber Candy in Covent Garden
2&3. Henny with giant gum ball machine&said gum ball machine
4. Cobbled streets on London
5. Mulberry heaven
6.Vintage heaven
7&8 studs & rings at Rockit
9&10 outside and inside Rockit
11&12 nude shoes and pretty pastels at KG!

Love You Lots


  1. These pictures make me want to go to London so bad! Can't wait to visit Rokit :) x

    1. ahh i just can't wait for some nicer weather, then london is eeeven better x

  2. really lovely pictures! your blog is cute :) x