Monday, 6 February 2012

Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation

Laura Mercier's foundation makes using foundation a treat. It's consistency is pure quality, as is the scent and the finish. Oil free formulas are great for build-able coverage that lasts. And this one in particular can be blended easily into a flawless natural finish. As some oil free foundations can be drying, this one feels light on the skin and not drying at all. It covers most blemishes and I have found it will last at least 8 hrs. I like that you don't have to cover your whole face in this to get an even look as it blends so well that I can just apply where needed and dust a bit of powder over my face to set. 

I actually think this foundation is summed up quite well in it's own words as:

"A layerable, highly pigmented formula to be used only where needed, that allows the user to determine the amount of coverage. The foundation can be applied very sheerly or layered for more coverage."

I use Blush Ivory as I am quite (very) pale and just top it up with some bronzer. The colour Porcelain Ivory was a tad too pinkish in tone and this one is more yellow based which just suits me better.

here are my swatches:




#1.straight out the pump it is a lovely consistency which also smells really nice.
#2. The colour doesn't exactly match my arm but as you can see in
#3. it blends in flawlessly when using fingertips

I'd suggest this for anyone who loves Estee Lauders Double Wear but finds it can dry too quickly in order to blend into a natural finish. It isn't as heavy as the double wear either, but I think still gives ample coverage. On sale in most department stores and online at £33.

Love You Lots ♥


  1. its so lovely! def worth it even if a bit pricey! x

  2. I really want this. :)
    I love your blog, I just had to follow.
    It's amazing<3

    1. awwww thank you thats so sweet! im off to check yours out right now! x

  3. I really want to try this, sounds amazing!xx