Friday, 20 January 2012

e.l.f brush shampoo

I just tried out e.l.f brush shampoo, £3.50, for the first time as my brushes were in dire need of a good clean! In order to try it out and give it a fair review I chose a range of different brushes to clean.

1. Mac Powder puff
2. No7 foundation brush
3. BareMinerals full flawless face brush
4. No7 blusher brush
They were in a pretty bad state as I forget to clean them regularly (slaps own wrist), and usually just use ordinary shampoo, which does do the trick.

But e.l.f's special brush shampoo boasts anti-bacterial cleaning properties which washes away all traces of dirt and make-up whilst conditioning to provide a clean and soft application for everyday use, which sounds good to me. 

The instructions for use are simple, massage a small amount mixed with water into the brush and rinse clear. Now I actually had to lather, rinse, repeat so have already used up quite a bit of the small bottle (120ml). I can compare to MAC brush cleaner, which I remember lasted me AGES - but it was a lot more expensive so each has it's good and bad points I guess.

As you can see it has worked very well in removing all traces of make-up and my brushes are left looking, smelling and feeling soft and clean.  The shampoo costs £3.50 and can be bought on their website.


  1. these are all great products! I'm in love with your blog!


    1. aww thank you! i just checked yours out too and am now following <3 xx

  2. I use this too! I'm really lazy when it comes to washing brushes. Infact they're in dire need of a good scrub at the moment!

    1. its really quite good huh! i also have the daily spray which is so handy cos im so lazy with washing them and it smells really yummy.