Monday, 16 January 2012

blogging from bed..

I've been ill the past week with the winter flu, which hasn't been fun at all! Sleeping all day drinking Lemsips was not how I envisioned my start into the new year! However, I'm on the mend and to cheer my sick self up I did a little online shopping.

I'd always wanted to try out Elf products but just never got round to it, so with more than enough time on my hands I browsed their entire site and found fellow bloggers reviews on products that took my fancy.

And with everything being so affordable I snapped up a good few bargains which I can't wait to blog about! I also ordered the Naked 2 pallet so that will be getting a review too. All in all I haven't been able to do too much but I'm headed back to London this week so hopefully a lot more exciting fashion and beauty things will happen for me to write about soon!

til then <3



  1. Aw hope you feel better soon! Thanks for stopping by Fluff and Fripperies - I'm following you now so look forward to your posts xo

    1. ah that's so sweet, thank you! loving your blog, can't wait to read more posts too! xx