Friday, 30 December 2011

new years approaching fast...

I'm quite nervy about the new year approaching so fast! At the moment I am lulling away in my little cocoon, filled with my mamas cooking, kids movies on tv, and lie ins 'til lunch time. And I know this cannot last. I want to enjoy the last few days of hibernation before New Years Eve chilling out, before the serious work kicks in. Then it will be non-stop til May, by the end of which I will hopefully have a lot of exciting things lined up!

But let's not think too far ahead. Some NYE partying needs to be done first. I'm going to a house party with friends, as town is always so crazy busy and you can't ever get in anywhere without queuing for hours and there's never any taxis home that won't charge you a small fortune. So I have my dress, my booze and everything set to go for a fun night with friends <3 which is really what new years is about anyway isn't it.

I'm debating whether to make any resolutions or not, as really, do I ever keep them? 

What are your New Years Eve plans and what will your resolutions be??

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