Wednesday, 14 December 2011

back 2 MAC

Not gonna lie, it takes me AGES to collect my six empty MAC containers. Their foundations/concealers last me ages as do the eyeshadows and the only reason my empty bronzer is in the mix is cause it broke and fell out :( This is why I don't want to just pick aaaany free lippy to swap for my empties,  I need the perfect one!

You can tell quite a bit about a girl from her lipstick, my friend Fee is Chatterbox and my friend Carolyn's signature lip is Myth.. my top favey MAC lipstick colours are Hue and Crosswires for neutral, Bombshell for pink and and Eager for red. I do fancy Chatterbox, but as it will be a freebie I think I might try something completely different. I may even be as adventurous as a purple tone, such as Up the Amp! Any suggestions?


1 comment:

  1. Haha love the mention here. I LOVE up the amp! I honestly hope you got it as it's so much more wearable than you would think! xxxxxx