Saturday, 8 October 2011

the x-factor

One of my favourite parts about the X-factor, even more so I'd say than the cringe-worthy auditions, is the after-bootcamp make-over!!

Without fail you notice the contestants' teeth those few shades whiter, hair that bit smoother and sleeker, and since it is a multi-million pound TV show, you'd expect some show-stopping outfits too. Since (now ex-X-factor) stylist Grace Woodward got axed over some previous dodgy outfit choices, this years newcomer should find things pretty easy. Or maybe not.

I loveeeed Amelia Lily's original look and at just 16 she's obviously still experimenting, but by putting her in that pink leather jacket with the out-dated pink hair just made her look so much older trying to be young. It didn't make sense. And cute wee Janet Devlin suddenly turned into Florence Welsh/Nicola Roberts? Of course the guys all got their standard grey V-neck down to the belly-button t-shirts and don't get me started on Kitty's eye make-up....

God, the X-factor really brings out the bitch in me and my girl babes, the claws are out! Probably 'cause we may be stylish kittens but sing like drowning cats.

Amelia Lily before and after

Janet Devlin
...her new look


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  2. I'm constantly bitching about the styling on it! They actually ruin people!