Monday, 10 October 2011

i'll be rockin' this b-eat

Sure, we hear all about super skinny, size zero models and celebrities in the press almost daily, and the term 'anorexic' is now just a very a widely used adjective in the fashion media. But for people who suffer from this illness, it's not one to be flung around so loosely. 

B-eat is an amazing Eating Disorders organisation who want to change the way people think and talk about eating disorders. Their vision is to improve the way services and treatment are provided and to help everyone see that the illness can be beaten.

They have just designed this pretty t-shirt exclusively for New Look!

It is such an amazing cause to support.

T-shirt's cost £8.99 with £4.50 from every sale going to the B-EAT charity.
For help and support contact: 0845 6341414 
WWW.B-EAT.CO.UK for more information.


  1. I must buy one. The birds are so pretty.

  2. Nice T-shirt and good cause! You're right, the term is thrown about too much in the media. Simply wouldn't happen if it was another illness.