Tuesday, 13 September 2011

teenage dreams

I enjoy tumblr. And I also enjoy snooping round other people's stuff because I am nosey, so when I came across Teenage Bedroom you can imagine my delight.
There is something magical about a persons bedroom, hidden among the beauty products strewn across the dresser, tucked between volumes on a cluttered bookshelf, hidden in the wall collage of posters, CD inserts, and pages from magazines. A teenager’s bedroom is so much more than where she sleeps—it can represent her entire personality. This Tumblr is a celebration of these spaces, featuring photos submitted by girls and boys all around the world. 
I've moved a fair bit in my life and I kind of wish I had documented each room that came with each move. But I wasn't that forward thinking, so here's a snap of my last room occupied.


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  1. Aw I LOVE the teenage bedroom tumblr! Need to take pictures of my teenage room before I do it up. Sweet Home Style is amazo too.