Friday, 23 September 2011

out with the new..

I'm more than into London Fashion Week showing all the newest emerging trends for next season,  but there's something special about vintage clothing, something that won't ever go stale. And everywhere I'm looking these days, a vintage fair pops up, fashion forward and edgy enough to rival any catwalk show. Yes, there will still be the obligatory tea and cake stands and the cute-as-your-granny floral prints at such events, but something darker and much more interesting seems to be emerging too.

Maybe it's the winter months looming or maybe it's the way we're thinking these days, but fashion has toughened up and we won't just buy and bin any more - we invest. Just look at how trends are coming and going quicker than ever before, and then look at the likes of Champagne Downtown (who are launching their much anticipated ASOS store As. We. Speak). High fashion pieces, but to keep and treasure for always. This is vintage styled within an inch of it's life.

Champagne Downtown 

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